Mission and vision




Grupo Pujol Internacional S.A. is a company that exists with the sole purpose of providing cost-effective solutions to our customers and principals and will continue doing so in an insuperable manner so that every individual, company or organization obtains optimum benefits from their relationship with us.


Giving more than it was paid for: that's what added value means at Grupo Pujol Internacional
At Grupo Pujol Internacional our philosophy is to give our customers more than they pay for to show we really appreciate their business and to earn their business in the future. We offer a full complement of value-added services designed to make your relationship with Grupo Pujol Internacional the best it can be.

Product Knowledge
Our sales force is well trained in product knowledge and well informed in market trends, technology and new products. Whatever your question, whatever your needs a friendly, knowledgeable sales rep is at your service.

Depth Of Knowledge
Everyone at Grupo Pujol Internacional is a natural extension of the sales force. There is a "can do" philosophy in our sales support staff, and each employee is trained to be professional, competent and committed to our customers.

Supplier Support
Our suppliers are the best in the business and are on the leading edge of new technologies. We count on them to offer the best in product quality and to provide us with technical information and support to handle their products with confidence. We rely on them to deliver exactly what our customers need in a timely manner.

Error-Free Services And Quality Improvement
At Grupo Pujol Internacional, we strive to be an error-free supplier. Mistakes can happen, but we are quick to recognize what needs to be done to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Quality assurance and continuous improvement processes add value for our customers and suppliers.

Fast Response Time
Being on the fast track of business, we know the value of fast, reliable response time to customer requests from the delivery of product to the delivery of information. We pride ourselves on the quickness in which we can respond to your every need.

Continuous Improvement
We have built our solid reputation by responding to the changing conditions of the chemical industry, among others. We strive to improve all processes to our customers by offering value-added services. We are continually improving ourselves to earn the privilege of representing only quality suppliers.



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