Group Pujol International S.A. is a company that emerges in 1997. It is precisely because of the globalization of world economies, the opening of new markets and the fall of commercial frontiers that Grupo Pujol Internacional focuses on entering the international markets with a brand new image and the mission of becoming the best option in raw materials and specialty products supply for industrial and commercial clients competing with superior quality, technology and service than that offered by its competitors, some of which are multinational corporations.

Additionally, our company aims to offer a 'one-stop' service for our clients of products being offered dispersely before (example: raw material-machinery-packaging material)

It is in this way that by identifying the market niches Grupo Pujol Internacional has been able to offer industry the best quality and the best service at the most competitive price available anywhere.

Grupo Pujol Internacional has clearly defined where it is heading and its goals are within its reach. Daily work is charged with a positive mental attitude and mysticism that have made success a custom; the results obtained so far have been the fruitful rendering of great effort, work and dedication to benefit everyone who conforms this organization.



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